Anything better than 1.7 Maggies

I've been looking for speakers for some time now. I have an older pair of Maggies (10.1s) and I love the sound. I want to go for the 1.7s but am wondering if there's any used product out there for around $4k which would be even better for my music (rock.. some pop and classical at times) maybe reproduce the crack of a (snare) drum (rather than the thump) better (where i think Maggies lack but I am not sure if the x.7s have the same problem).. I wanted to try Emerald Physics 2.3 but they are rare to find.

I know people would have asked this before but please help.
My amp:
Rotel RB 1090 (380 WPC)
Though my room is big about 25x10 my sitting position will be about 6 feet from the speakers.

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Wait for a used pair of 3.7's to show up.. I'm sure you'll be able to buy a pair for $4K