Anything as " fast" as SPECTRAL gear?

(My 90's vintage still sounds good with very good (no -exceptional) isolation and conditioning. (Sound Application, Equitech & MIT). SPECTRAL claims faster today. OK. Mid 90's hot cars went 205-210, todays 210-220. Does it make any difference to the music?
03-05-15: Ptss
I appreciate your comments Audiolabrinth. Interesting how some can make offhand comments about gear with information that "just comes to them" or have a bias for or against different manufacturers -- that they feel just 'has to be announced'. Perhaps more music would relax and refresh :-). I'll toast that idea.

Careful you don't get too chummy with Audiolabyrinth. He just follows me around like a gnat because he is upset when folks find out that he hooks up $600 JBL speakers to his $24K Tara Labs speaker cables. ;^)

No, I have never owned Spectral gear or had any in my home. I would ask both you and Audiolatrine, would you buy equipment that never sounded good to you in auditions? Do you seek out gear that sounds bad to you to buy? I didn't think so.

If you enjoy Spectral gear, good for you, there's nothing wrong with that. It's never been my cup of tea, but that is why they make so many different flavors.
Enjoy the music.
I concur with you Jm about tastes and choice. I don't see the relevence of his equip tastes. However, on that side "if" I were to win the lottery I would love to buy the big JBL DD6700 music makers :-). Cheers ( and I'm a classical/jazz guy)
Audiolabyrinth, have you considered that it might just be the level of distortion you don't like when you hear Spectral, and not that it's "fast"? Fast or not, who cares about speed if a product just does not sound like music, no matter what the product is? Course, I have JBL 67000, maybe they are just not FAST enough to showhow great those fast amps sound!

I find it helpful to know what the designer of a particular piece of equipment is trying to achieve. Of course there is frequently some added marketing hype, but that's to be expected. The alternative is 'black box' audio- guaranteed to make your system sound better, but no idea how.
Omsed. Hope you feel better now. There,there.