Anything about liquid polymer cables?

I just became aware of liquid polymer type cables. They sound interesting but I can't find much information about them e.g., their advantages and disadvantages compared with traditional solid cables. Can they compete with the best? What kind of value are they? Audio Magic is the manufacturer that caught my interest. I'm practically operating in a vacuum here so any thoughts or experiences will fascinate me.
Pure Note (now TRS Audio) uses a proprietary liquid core design in their Designers Edition cables. Sonically it appears to improve damping and reduce noise harmonics compared to solid core or air core cables.
Thanks Sonic, I wasn't very clear above. My questions pertain to cables with liquid conductors, not solid conductors suspended in liquid.
Audio Magic uses liquid polymer conductors, while another company that uses liquid ceramic. In case it is of interest, Teo Audio is uses liquid metal conductors.

Some of the above have been reviewed by online publications such as 6moons.

For the purpose of disclosure, I am a Teo Audio dealer.