Anything about ADS L990 Speakers?

Hi. I'm considering purchasing an ADS L990 pair. Can I get some information about these speakers such as original retail price, used price, and sound, etc.

I mostly listen to orchestral music and prefer neutral and uncolored speakers because my NAD 3020 amp already has a little bit of warm coloration, in my opinion.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

The A/D/S line of speakers was pretty good up until they started in with M series. Stay away from those. What I have seen recently is what appears to be an insane increase in used prices over the last 6 months or so. People who buy now are probably overpaying. You can get a better feel for historical used prices on various threads in AudioKarma and Audio Asylum.

To me the most outstanding feature of ADS L series sound is a sweet, liquid mid & high frequency. Certainly they are not the last word in detail, but they work well with digital sources in rooms that can be listener fatigue nightmares with high resolution systems. They are acoustic suspension designs that give pretty nice tight bass and are not especially demanding in terms of room placement. Efficiency tends to be a little low, but these are 8 ohm nominals that are not hard to drive.

The 990's use the same drivers as the 1590's with one woofer instead of two. Most people preferred the 1290's and 890's.
I just retrieved a pair of L570's I gave my dad 15 years ago. I'm using them in in a home theater set up. Very nice for that, but in my opinion, the ADS line is not going to be the ticket for most of us for serious music listening. At the prices we have seen recently on e-bay, you can do better with more recent designs.