Anyone with W4S amps and preamp

I have read several reviews of the amps and preamp, but never together using balanced connections. Has anyone tried this or even heard it? Would also like to hear favorite "D" amps with favorite preamps.
Thanks so much guys. This is exactly what I was hoping for. It has been a very long time since tubes have not been in the signal path of my stereo and I am twitchy. Unfortunately no way to audition similar setups within a 500 mile radius that I am aware of.
My preamp is a VAC Renaissance running balanced outs to the W4S ST500. Speakers for this setup are N802 and the system sounds great. I have never tried to run the amp single ended so I can't say what the difference might be. The manual for the W4S states that balanced is the preferred connection.
I am running the SX-500 monos into Maggie MMG's,

it is a great combination for sound quality, power, and price

My pre-amp is an Adcom GFP-750
definitely coveting the W4S STP pre...think it would be a nice upgrade from the Adcom GFP-750
I am running a ST-500 into a pair of Earl Geddes Abbey 12As, and it sounds great. I use a RHB Sound Dezign modified CJ PV-14L for a preamp, which means I have no choice but to use single ended cables. I am completely happy with the sound of this combo, it is very revealing.

I am using a Bel Canto Pre 3 that can be has for $950 used while my tube pre is being made.

It is wonderful sounding and would be the perfect upgrade for you.

Boy does this little unit sing!