Anyone with W4S amps and preamp

I have read several reviews of the amps and preamp, but never together using balanced connections. Has anyone tried this or even heard it? Would also like to hear favorite "D" amps with favorite preamps.
Using similar interconnect construction(same wire, different termination obviously), I prefer balanced runs between my W4S gear.
I am unsure what your question is. Are you only asking for the W4S preamp and amp combo or any pre used with a Class D amp?
I would like to hear from anyone who uses or has heard the W4S amps and preamp together preferably with balanced connects in respect to other gear they may have owned. I am also interested in input from anyone who has used switching amps with other peamps with good results. I am using a Bel Canto S300ui while my tube amp is in for repair and it sounds surprisingly good. I am considering moving up the chain to mono's for greater resolution and dynamics. Thanks for the replies so far.
Bel Canto gear sounds wonderful, esp the latest models. I love my REF 1000 mk2 (now M) paired with a Pass Labs XP10 pre. Wonderful combination for warm, open, wide soundstage, excellent detail, dynamics and PRAT, very deep tuneful bass. I hear very good things about the REF 500M too. I can't comment about W4S gear. Tell us about your other components...
I'm using a pair of Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 monoblocks along with a Dodd Audio Battery tube preamp. The music sounds wonderful. I have also used a Plinius M-16 preamp with the SX-1000 monoblocks that also sounded wonderful.
I hope this helps?
I am using the W4S STP-SE Preamp with the W4S-ST-500 Power amp with Shunyata Altair XLR'S.These are powering vintage JBL 150A speakers (500$ for these in mint shape) and this combo sounds like way much more money.The source is a Sony 9100es -Modwright Mods- cd player for my den system.Also powers and supplies audio for Plasma tv.
The W4S amps have a warm,expansive sound and are capable of powerful bass,yet insightful detail.Speaker and room dependent,if you want power and volume these are great.
Best case scenario on the class "D" amps-buy a Spectron and a tube preamp.Long break in on these class D amps but they are worth the wait.Any help to you?
Thanks so much guys. This is exactly what I was hoping for. It has been a very long time since tubes have not been in the signal path of my stereo and I am twitchy. Unfortunately no way to audition similar setups within a 500 mile radius that I am aware of.
My preamp is a VAC Renaissance running balanced outs to the W4S ST500. Speakers for this setup are N802 and the system sounds great. I have never tried to run the amp single ended so I can't say what the difference might be. The manual for the W4S states that balanced is the preferred connection.
I am running the SX-500 monos into Maggie MMG's,

it is a great combination for sound quality, power, and price

My pre-amp is an Adcom GFP-750
definitely coveting the W4S STP pre...think it would be a nice upgrade from the Adcom GFP-750
I am running a ST-500 into a pair of Earl Geddes Abbey 12As, and it sounds great. I use a RHB Sound Dezign modified CJ PV-14L for a preamp, which means I have no choice but to use single ended cables. I am completely happy with the sound of this combo, it is very revealing.

I am using a Bel Canto Pre 3 that can be has for $950 used while my tube pre is being made.

It is wonderful sounding and would be the perfect upgrade for you.

Boy does this little unit sing!
I am using a Bel Canto Pre3 now and have paired it with Bel Canto a pair of M300s, the S300 and the S500. Also tried the PS Audio Trio A-100 and lastly a Seymour AV ICE Block 5001 with the Pre3. All of these setups were run with balanced connections. My least favorite was the S500 which is a surprise as that is the most expensive one in the bunch.
At this point I am not using class D amps. I picked up a Harman Kardon PA-2200 amp built in the mid to late 90s. After giving the amp a thorough cleaning I installed an IEC socket, rewired the A/C from the socket to the transformer, then rewired the output section with DHlabs cable and installed some Cardas binding posts I had on hand. Put the amp in just to see how it sounded and have had no desire to remove it. Warm, full sound, just a joy to listen to.
Grannyring and Timrhu-- Thanks for the suggestions on the Bel Canto Pre3...
No funds for upgrades yet :(

This is my 1st real system, so I have not had a chance to demo much equipment

Like the OP, I am curious to hear the W4S STP-pre synergy with the W4S amps

The passive section on my Adcom GFP-750 gets the most use.
So, the W4S STP seems like a natural upgrade to the Adcom.

I run the Adcom passive into a Marchand XM-44 -> Maggie MMG's and an Epik Valor sealed 15" sub.

HP/LP set at 60hz/24db really well in my small room and doesn't bother my neighbors in my duplex

I should get some pics taken and post my system sometime soon...
really enjoy learning and reading on the Agon forum