Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?

Over the last few years I have developed tinnitus and also have some hearing issues.  I am a long time music and audio fanatic.  Years ago I built my own Hafler amp.  Before that I had a great AR system.  Presently, I have, what I believe, is a pretty nice system in a dedicated listening room (about 60,000.00).  My question is if there are others of you out there in similar situations concerning your hearing issues as they relate to your love and reproduction of great sounding music?  What are your experiences? Have you found anything that helps and do you have any advice? I would venture to say that we all experience some degree of hearing loss, or hearing anomalies as we age...whether we realize it or not.  Thanks, Jim 
Hearing aids and music are not a great combo.  I have a patient who was in a very big seminal rock band  from San Francisco in the 60s (you would all know)  and he really struggles and hard to accept that hearing aids aren’t giving him his hearing back and hampers his music.  I am personally a borderline candidate and the companies will give me a hearing aid ( they want patients seeing I’m swearing there brand) and I haven’t stuck with them). When I have problems with concpversations I will but I suspect I won’t use for music. 
MRI confirmed no aneurysm and yes I can tone it down or stop it with finger pressure on the jugular.   
I have tinnitus varying from mild to moderate. It worsens with stress, caffeine, and use of pain killers such as Advil, Tylenol and Aspirin. So if you can reduce these and learn how to relax through meditation, walks in nature etc. and see if it helps. I have mild hearing loss in high frequencies that does not diminish enjoyment  or discernment of music but glad to hear that good hearing aides if needed in the future can be helpful .
rcprince:  Yes, my diagnosis is Meniere's.  But I think that diagnosis gets thrown at a collection of symptoms without an obvious cause.  (ie. not having a tumor or physical ear damage)  I have had a couple of different ENT's as I have moved around the country, and my experience is that they all tend to prescribe medication (steroids, anti-virals, etc.) when a "paradigm shift" of worsening symptoms is reported to them.  But I am unaware of any cases where anybody is able to reverse the situation.   Maybe your audiologist is aware, but also ask your ENT.  
I have tinnitus also. the type of White noise or a constant ssshhhhhhh. That's one reason I like music so much as it makes forget my tinnitus is there. I wondered if it interferes or makes me miss some information.