Anyone with the new Bowers Wilking 800D3 in NY tri state area?

Anyone in NY/NJ/CT area with a pair of broken in 800D3s willing to let me to take a listen in an audiophile friendly environment, for couple of hours, as there are no dealers that have 800D3 s on demo in NY.... I ll bring a bottle of a very "decent" cognac for us to savor and to sweeten the senses ;) Considering buying them but would hate to do it based on the short demos of the 802D3s. Thanks ...
Kot - If you get any takers, then sign me up too and I'll kick in something 'decent' as well...



PS - If the D3s sound anything like the P9s that I picked up recently (they're supposed to) then they should be really interesting

Actually, I highly doubt anyone will respond, but definitely will let you know :)
I am sorry to see that none of the NY area dealers have the flagship.

May we recommend another speakers which is in this class and offers a few very cool features that the B&W don't.

Have you considered the new Paradigm Personas?  The Personas offer a pure Beryllium midrange and tweeter, these are state of the art drivers which rival the clarity of the B&W Diamond tweeter with the added advantage of having the same material for the midrange, so you have a very coherent sound.

The Personas are a bit less bulky and have self amplified bass with automatic room correction to ensure that you have clean tuneful bass in any size room.

The self amplified bass section gives you very deep 16hz bass, and the speakers play very loud, and have a huge sound stage.

Last issue of the Absolute Sound raved over them.

We have them on display in Jersey City just three miles outside of the City and would be delighted to play them for you, they are remarkably good and can easily challenge the Magico, Wilsons and B&W.

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 Hello people out there . I am going to rob a bank tomorrow then go to the dealer pay the 30 grand for the 800 D3 plus tax and delivery charge and set up charge , Hook it up to my Ming Ding amp .And Nad CD player . I will get back to people about the sound .I am sharing a tent with ten other people in Serbia you know refuge from Syria . And the picture of me on T.V. holding just a foot what is left of my wife after the bomb my village .Stay tuned

Ask for a discount ;) Delivery will be free, and I will help you to set them up better than any dealer will ;) for a bottle of good XO cognac (hint: Frapin, or Camus Borderis XO extra ;) ). Ming Ding amp rulez, not as good  as Ling Dong SE amps thou, NADz rule too, .....