Anyone with the new Bowers Wilking 800D3 in NY tri state area?

Anyone in NY/NJ/CT area with a pair of broken in 800D3s willing to let me to take a listen in an audiophile friendly environment, for couple of hours, as there are no dealers that have 800D3 s on demo in NY.... I ll bring a bottle of a very "decent" cognac for us to savor and to sweeten the senses ;) Considering buying them but would hate to do it based on the short demos of the 802D3s. Thanks ...
Kot - If you get any takers, then sign me up too and I'll kick in something 'decent' as well...



PS - If the D3s sound anything like the P9s that I picked up recently (they're supposed to) then they should be really interesting

Actually, I highly doubt anyone will respond, but definitely will let you know :)
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 Hello people out there . I am going to rob a bank tomorrow then go to the dealer pay the 30 grand for the 800 D3 plus tax and delivery charge and set up charge , Hook it up to my Ming Ding amp .And Nad CD player . I will get back to people about the sound .I am sharing a tent with ten other people in Serbia you know refuge from Syria . And the picture of me on T.V. holding just a foot what is left of my wife after the bomb my village .Stay tuned

Ask for a discount ;) Delivery will be free, and I will help you to set them up better than any dealer will ;) for a bottle of good XO cognac (hint: Frapin, or Camus Borderis XO extra ;) ). Ming Ding amp rulez, not as good  as Ling Dong SE amps thou, NADz rule too, .....