Anyone with Kyocera CD player experience?

I have Kyocera 610 and 710 CD players. Love those old Kyocera CD players. I'm playing them through an NAD 1000 Preamp, one of those wonderful old Soundcraftsmen Pro Power 10 amps, and Vandersteen 2CEs. If anyone else has listened to both CD players, what do you find to be the difference in sound. My friend Jay says the 610 is tighter and more focused, but I find the 710 to have a larger presentation, and think the 610, while still great sounding, is a little thinner. Also, does anyone know if the 510 has the same guts as the 710?
Thanks, MJWPicMan.
i've had and used the 610 for a long time. it's extremely well made--great transport mechanism-- and plays anything i throw at it. it is, however, an old piece, and sounds like it--even modest 90s players like adcom or yamaha sound much more detailed--and i've since been compelled to box it up and replace it with a higher fi cdp. still, i'm sufficiently attached to it that i haven't had the urge to sell it or give it away, and i have vague aspirations to use it again with the matching kyocera receiver i also have packed away.
Thanks for the input, but I've found the opposite to be true. I've listened to the 710 mostly, very little to the 610, but I've found the 710 to be superior to Adcom, NAD, Cal Audio, Denon, Sony SACD, Carver, and other contempory mid grade CD players.
I went through the line at Hawthorne Stereo (Bellevue, WA) years ago, each one dusted the $1500 Denon and they got noticeably better going up the line, I got the 710 but it had skipping issues I later replaced it with a superior Pioneer Elite PD-93. But I heard a 310 awhile ago and it made me smile; they did have "sound" ever so pleasant.