Anyone with kids should see this... Just say NO

Here I was expecting to see something "R" rated. Boy, was I disappointed! I guess it really was "R"abbit rated...thank God he didn't eat into those $3k Nordost Valhalla ics. How do you spell hassenfeffer?
Good thing you didn't get two. (ya know, multiplying like...)
Many years ago my nieghbor had a bunny named Bun-Bun and we had a cat named Goober. My kids were little chaps back then. When Bun-Bun kept getting loose and showing up in our yard I knew it was only a matter of time before something ugly happened. Well the nieghbor wasnt too upset, having been aware of Bun-Bun's will to escape, when she called to say she saw Goober carrying the lifeless Bun-Bun around in his mouth. We explained the nature of animals and what had happeened to our kids.
A couple months rolled by and as Easter neared I took my two little girls aside and told them the Easter Bunny was not going to bring them candy this year. Looking up with their big eyes filled with alarm they asked "why?". I just shook my head and said "He heard about Bun-Bun".
Thats not me.. but could you imagine if a rabbit got
a hold of one of our systems... Talk about goin balistic!
I would go thru the roof. I dont even let our cat get near my system..

Ucmgr.. sorry to dissapoint about the bunnie thing :-)
I knew a guy in the 70's who was a real nature freak and adopted an abandoned baby raccoon. Things went swimmingly until one day when the coon was about 6 months old and the guy left him inside while at work. Let me just say that his Large Advents looked like they had encountered the MOAB. Never realized until then just how much thread was in a speaker grill, how much paper in a cone, or how much wire in a cabinet.

But the coon, he was just fine!
I have a dog who never goes near my system...when we play ball, and the ball rolls behind a speaker, Toby looks to me to go get it. I never did anything to teach him this. I think he just sense my anxiety level sky rocketing and knows. Too bad Toby didn't get to that rabbit first; then all you would have to clean up is some fur.

....Could be Beelzebub himself with those beady red eyes!! Still, the guy who rescued the bunny couldn't be the sharpest tool in the shed....Who would let a rescued animal that was unknown to them run around free in their home!? OK, he's gotta be a nice guy to have rescued him in the first place, and even nicer still to have put him up for adoption upon discovering his own error in judgement, as opposed to making a stew out of him. I guess you could use those audiophile cable elevators to keep the cable out of reach of paws and jaws, but then again those bunnies are pretty clever!


I happen to stop at a house today, and they had bunnies for just changed my mind. Thank you. Sorry to see and hear what happened to you.
No.. That wasnt me.. Im not sure the bunny would have
made it to the adoption center if it was me... But it
definetly made me think of my audio cables when i saw
that. Im glad you didnt get the bunny.
Poor Voodoo! Thank goodness you didn't have to use a Holy Hand Grenade to rid yourself of the foul, vile and blood thirsty creature as Arthur, King of the Brits, had to when searching for the Holy Grail.....
My system and a bunny co-existed for years. Trick was getting the biggest and fattest cable you can buy. If it is too big to fit in their little mouths, they will leave it alone. That said, I had to protect my interconnect well and only exposed PC and speaker cables.

Or you can apply some hot pepper sauce on your cables regularly. In fact, you should make that as a ritual, clean your connectors every three months while you replenish pepper sauce.