Anyone with Hearing Aids

Do you listen with or without them....Any tips, etc.
Lots of issues there. If your ears aren't even, then you may need much more than a balance control. Also, do you have good hearing aids or mediocre?
Finally, if you listen without hearing aids, are you alone? I can't be in the room with my dad if he is not using his hearing aids-it's blasting. With headphones, he needs less volume and has better clarity.
All ears and hearing loss are different. One guy I know has really bad hearing in one ear only. Mono listening is probably the best solution in that case.
Until I discovered I needed hearing aids, I probably went through a dozen sets of vintage speakers (vintage gear is my thing) and preamplifiers looking for the sound that I felt I was missing.

Moreover since my hearing was worse in one ear than the other, each of my systems seemed to have an annoying balance problem.

With the hearing aids (digital), correcting for a measured conversational frequency deficiency, I was immediately satisfied with all of my speakers and the balance problem disappeared. Vocals and violins suddenly became much more crisp.

Although my aids have a "music" setting, along with two other settings for conversational situations, none of these additional settings have any noticeable effect.

I get much more enjoyment listening with the hearing aids than without them.

I believe that hearing aids are just one more component in my audio system, that is, they can make listening more pleasant, but eventually I will begin wondering "what if..." I can get a better - hearing aid, or preamp or DAC or...?

Unfortunately the search for a "better" hearing aid would be cost prohibitive for me.

I much prefer using the hearing aids with speakers. Headphone listening has never excited me.

If you feel you are not enjoying your music more with your hearing aids, go back to your audiologist and explain the problem. Perhaps there is an adjustment which can be made.

Good Luck.
Treehugger....I agree. I just got my aids and the test showed that I am deficient in the highs but my middle and low hearing is pretty good ...(typical for musicians)..... My hearing aids have vented earpieces to allow the middle and low frequencies to enter without it going through the electronics of the hearing aids, and just the highs are restored. I find my stereo sounds better than I can remember it ever sounded.....singers are placed absolutely between the speakers, openness is retained, ....all good. When I use my earphones Sennheiser 650's, I feel no need for the aids....I was told thats because the drivers are so close to my eardrum.

What is the name of the aids you are using?
Sabai.....The name of the company is RESOUND. I don't know if they are good or not, but they seem to work well, and don't intrude with my music. I'm a pro musician and that was a prime concern to me.

Thanks for this info. I will pass this on to my friend. It's not for me. I can still hear 16,000Hz.
Now I know why you chose the VPI 3D over the 10.5i.

You are hard of hearing. LOL!
Not YOU again Don.....gee whiz.....
I've been wearing hearing devices for a couple of months and i agree with the comments above. I treat them as another component in my system enjoying their strengths and recognizing their (few) negative aspects. They have provided me with a whole new window on the wonderful music that I had been missing for most of my adult life. Also, I do wear them with my senn 650s, kind of tricky to set the phones on your ears so they don't hit the vol on the devices. I turn down the device volume very low and control vol through the head amp.
Wear the ear horns and enjoy the music.
Brilliant advice Italian ! A true son of the Italian good life .
Stringen, you wrote:
"The name of the company is RESOUND. I don't know if they are good or not, but they seem to work well, and don't intrude with my music. I'm a pro musician and that was a prime concern to me."

Can you kindly tell us what model you have? I went to their website but found trying to evaluate their numerous models confusing.
Thank you
Another option that you may want to research is the General Hearing Instruments Simplicity Hi-Fidelity 270 hearing aids. I bought them a few weeks ago. They are analog and designed for music. They cost $758/pair from Sams Club or a bit more from Walmart, and have to be purchased on line. They can be returned within 90 days. So far, I like them. For me they give instruments a richer tonal color and retain dynamics. They seem to take a while to break in. Since they are analog they have very little signal processing and cannot be adjusted to boost specific frequencies. I believe they amplify up to around 8,000 Hz so you do not sense a lot of upper highs, but the mid range is very nice. They do not have an affect on bass. model is a behind the ear gizmo with a earpiece that is highly vented to let in the lows and middle frequencies. The highs are boosted, but it comes with a remote control that works with Blutoothe with various "programs" of which is "music" ( number 3 on my remote) that is flat to accommodate as much of the music as possible. It does a very credible job. The other programs are for very noisy environments (restaurants et al) and a "normal" program for most listening during the day. I don't see a model number on the device.
Thanks so much for your response, Stringreen. Even tho' I'm pretty much of a tube guy when it comes to my audio gear, I like the idea of the various "programs" to tailor the little gizmo to the listening environment. I also like the concept of looking at hearing aids as simply another component. Next step is to get my ears examined. :) I know they ain't what they used to be!