Anyone With Exposure to Chiro Amps?

I am considering purchasing a Chiro C300 for my front R/L/C. My speakers are Mission 774 with Analysis Plus Oval 12 Bi-Wire cables. If anyone has any experience with this amp I would appriciate your honest evaluation. Basically I am looking for a good 3 channel amp to power my front. Have considered Acurus, Adcom, Maranz, and B&K.
The Chiro amps are nice. I use the C-200 for my rear channels and Kinergetics 3 channel KBA-380 amps for the front. The difference in the amps is the output stage. The only problem I had with the Chiro amp (c-200 and c-300) was they wouldn't work with my Apogee Slant 6es. I got osilation on the high frequencies and had to upgrade to the KBA-380. I have two of them for Bi Amping. The new Chiro amps are supposed to be better. Check out their line My friend(Bruce Varvaris) is an authorized Kinergetics/Chiro Dealer Kay's AV Interiors in Chicago. Bruce can give you great deals. Tell him Craig reffered you. 773.769.3468 Bruce is a great guy to do business with and I purchased all my Kinergetics and Chiro gear through him over the last three years. He's also setup HT systems for many of my friends. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me @ [email protected] Regards, Craig
I own the C200.It is an exceptional buy at this price (list $1k) but has low impedance and needs a pre-amp.I have a c200 I might sell.