Anyone with experince with Dodson 218DAC?

A dealer who I know (a long long way from me unfortunatly) says this is perhaps the worlds best DAC. Anyone with experince? Is it possible to sell a 8000USD DAC without SACD or DVDA?
There is only one DAC out there right now does SACD and that is the EMM Labs Meitner DAC. Some do DVDa, but not that many.

The Zanden DAC sells for around $10k and only does redbook. It is a great sounding DAC, but demo before you buy, not everyone likes it.

MBL makes an awesome sounding DAC that is over $10k. As does Audio Note. Both only do redbook.

The Audio Logic DAC is 24/96 and does DVDa and is a great sounding DAC for around $5k. I think the Audio Logic DAC is a superior DAC to any of the previous generations of Dodson DACs. I am not sure on the 218 serious, but I bet it is at least competitive.


I have asked this q here before and it has been asked on audio asylum several times.So far not a single person has answered that he has experince with this DAC. Very peculiar.
My personal explanation is that its so expensiv that nobody going to buy it if its not get a glowing review in Sphile or TAS.