Anyone with experience with the Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC?

Looking for a new DAC as part of my move to digital.  Not finding a lot out there for reviews on the Tambaqui.  Anyone have experience with it,  that feels it should be on my short list?
I recently bought a Tambaqui and am thoroughly impressed.  I consider it a big step up over my previous DAC, the Esoteric D-01.  I now have it wired directly to my Audionet Max power amps, and have bypassed my preamp (Pass XS) entirely, and it sounds even better still.   You will not be disappointed.
Here is a review. If you read through  the comments the designer Bruno Putzeys discusses it. It's  the best DAC they ever tested.
Invert the phase on the Left channel (via the app) and then flip the polarity of the Left loudspeaker cable.You will be surprised how much better it is.
Just had the Tambaqui here for an evaluation. I preferred my Rockna Wavedream Signature dac. It also has a superb lossless volume control.
@rdoc , do you know if the Rockna is a truly balanced unit? 
Nitewulf, I believe that the Rockna Wavedream Signature Balanced dac is fully balanced, but you might want to ask Rockna or a Rockna dealer to be sure.