Anyone with experience with Cal Audio?

Does anyone know what differences there are between a CL-20 or CL-25 and the newer CL-2500 DVD player? I'm mainly interested in the sonic changes. Thanks!
I listened to both players before buying a CL-20. As far as I was concerned there was no AUDIO difference between them. The CL-25 has a 10 bit VIDEO converter which has nothing to do with the audio quality of the player. The CL-20 has a 9 bit video converter. Both players sounded the same to me. They were both, warm, non-fatiguing, musical reproducers, and both do HDCD encoded discs.
I own a CL-20 and am very satisfied with it. The DVD playback is detailed and extremely vivid. The CD playback is so clear and detailed but laid back and not in your face. With digital outputs using XLR, RCA or TOSLink the player can be used as a transport or simply a cd player. Depending on my mood will determine if I use my external AR DAC5 or just play the Cal and to be quite honest they both sound fantastic. The CL 20 is built like a TANK and the money I payed for it was well worth it.

Hope this helps