Anyone with experience on the PS Audio XStream IC


Just like to know if anyone has any experience with the PS Audio XStream series audio cables? Both the rca or XLR configuration. It is hardly appear in the classified. Is it too good nobody selling it or is it no good nobody buying it?

Appreciate your sharing.
I have two pairs of the single ended audio xStreams in my system right now. I think they are quite excellent, especially for the price. Their sound is neutral and quiet, with no artificial "spotlighting" of certain frequency ranges. I understand that PS Audio has forbidden their dealers from selling at a discount on Audiogon. That's why there are no ads for them.
I replaced HT Truthlinks in my system with a pair of xStream Statements with good results. Not a night and day difference, but good enough to keep them. I tried them in a friend's system(who was also using Truthlinks), and HE wanted to keep them. I agree that they are quiet, neutral, and balanced in their presentation. Buy them directly from PS Audio and use the 30 trial period. They do not seem to need excessive burn-in time, so you will know from the start if you like them.Gerry
I have an RCA version and is well built and well constructed. I still prefer the MC2 from Zen but the xStream has a home in my system

I have Xstream single ended for all componets with there digital cable along with Labs Power cords on all componets, five Ultimate Outlets and Power Plant.The Xstream inteconnects are great cables, they dont get in the way, Sound stage is huge along with lots of air, 3-D sound and great bass. One of the best regaurdless of money. Have tried many high dollar cables and the PS cables are better and good priced!Try to stick with the same brand cables through out system. Happy listening!