Anyone with experience on Linn's new sub chassis?

It's the Kore, and is less than 1/2 price of the Keel. Wondering if anyone had either listened to the new set up or even had one installed on their deck
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You can also try the Linn forum for info, specs and opinions.
I'm in the process of having the new sub chassis installed. Will report back as to the findings once I have had a chance to listen. Not too many in the US yet. Gets great reviews in the UK press.
I'll be going for it as well - right after a Radikal :)
Interesting coincidence Cto007,...I'm installing a Radikal at the same time as I'm putting in the new sub-chassis and in my case, the Cirkus bearing as well. Should be interesting to see how the TT compares to my old version with Valhalla and non-Cirkus bearing. I'm hopeful, as the upgrade cost is high.