Anyone with experience of proceed avp 2 upgrade?

I have an upgrade on order and was looking for owners impressions of the difference they have experienced and the value for money factor (I am of course aware of the retiring of the brand name and willing to wear that)
Wanted to know if the update is still available and for how long. Talked to a local dealer and they said you can no longer update the Avp1 to Avp2. Thinking about buying a Avp1 and updating in the future to Avp2. Any info will help. Thanks
AS far as I know,the preamp should always be upgradable with either new software or hardware, that is one of the features of these new class of preamps,most companies offer it.

All the info you need is right on their site, I suspect you have been there? They also talk about some additional features coming down the road, so I don;t see where there should be any problem.

I own the AVP and will also in the near future do the same....good question to ask, what it will sound like and what difference you might be able to actualy hear, when you know it already sounds good.