Anyone with experience of Klee Acoustics cables

Re: Their speaker cables - These are expensive cables with patented multi-metal woven technology. It is a small company and I do not expect their products to be covered in the large commercial magazines. I am interested to hear from persons who own them or have heard them and can identify their signature and qualities. Thanks.
I am a friend of a reviewer who raved reviewed these cables and asked me to demo them in my system. I liked them so much I even bought the same pair!

All I can say is that these cables are fantastic sounding cables and are competitive with the best out there.

The cables are very dynamic with suberb deep bass, and a very three dimensional sound stage.

I am surprised to even find your question.

The gentleman who makes Klee cables has tremendous difficulty producing these cables so there are very few pairs floating around.
Klee have become my new reference and now I'm a dealer, I heard about these a few months ago from a Stereo Times writer who told me many of the reviewers over there had adopted these cables in their systems and that I should check it out. I use a balanced IC between my Wyred DAC and Modwright 36.5 preamp and an RCA between my Modwright and F5 clone power amp.

Before I was using Audio Magic Clairvoyant and Acoustic System Liveline. However I was having problems with power fluctuation effecting my sound during the day. I tried all manner of power conditioners and multiple combinations of these units together (PS Audio Power Plant, Walker Velocitor, Isotek Titan, BPT 3.5 Signature. Nothing fixed the problem (without creating another) until I put the Klee cables in.

I didn't think I could do much better than the cables I was using before and though these are twice as expensive I haven't been able to find anything else that sounds as good as these.

I'm using ASI Liveline speaker cables and hope to replace those with the Klee around the end of this year, when I plan to replace my speakers.
I will add that if you're auditioning a pair of the Klee cables that have been broken in, give them at least 2-3 hours of play; I've found that they seem to need some time to warm up and acclimate to a new system before they will perform.

The inventor, Larry, recommends a day of break in, but in my system I found it took at least 300hrs (your experience may vary). The break in was quite dramatic for me...several days of wondering whether I made the right choice, then a dramatic fluctuation in phase, volume and overall sound quality (I got up to see if there was something wrong with my system), followed by joy.
I spent about 1 year comparing and demoing these cables for Larry Forbes, the owner/designer of Klee Acoustics. Larry supplied me with samples of all his cables including the RCA and XLR interconnects as well as the Grand Illusion speaker cables. During this time, I evaluated the cables in over 20 high end systems belonging to friends and customers as well as my own system. Larry's design goal was to to give a sound equal to Nordost Valhalla but at a significantly lower price. It was my experience that the Klee's bested the Valhallas and even gave the Nordost Odin line a good run for the money. The improvements the Klee's made in a system were dramatic and not equipment dependent. The only problem I ever ran into was when trying them on a system composed of Krell electronics - this was NOT a good match but everything else worked flawlessly. The speaker cables worked exceptionally well with Maggies - really made the Bass come alive. My entire system is now wired with all Klee Acoustics cables. While not inexpensive by any means, they still are a tremendous value for the money considering that they are a fraction of the cost of the Odin's while coming very close to their quality/sound.