anyone with Bastanis experience????

thinkin' of getting the Prometheus Mk2 Airforce,hook this to a RM-10 mk2 amp and live happy.would this work?????
I've got the Prometheus, but the MKI version. They're killer speakers for the money, no doubt about that, and all reports on the MKII indicate the new tweeter is a massive improvement over the original one. Building them is kind of a pain, and unless you are (or know) a good woodworker the WAF may end up being somewhere on the other size of zero.

Mine don't look like much, and I'm tempted to build new enclosures and dipole woofers like this guy did in Iceland:;action=display;num=1131709632

I think the Prometheus are an ideal approach that gives you the speed of an open baffle, the imaging of a mini-monitor, and the purity of a single driver speaker without having to compromise bass or high frequency extension.

Mine are being driven by a Red Wine Audio Clari-T amp (upgraded with stepped attenuators & Black Gate caps, and the coupling capacitors are soon soon to be replaced with V-caps) and my digital source is a Red Wine Audio modded iPod (don't laugh unless you've heard it) with a Singal Cable mini connector between the iPod and the Clari-T. Overall it's a great combo.

If you have any specific questions about them I'll try to answer them.