Anyone with Ayre + McIntosh combo?

I have a Mac MC-252 power amp that I love, and do not want to change.  I am very interested in the Ayre K5xe to mate with it, anyone tried a similar combo? Thoughts? 
Looping back - in case anyone is wondering about this combo. It's amazing.  There have been no issues mating the Ayre K5xeMP to the McIntosh's a beautiful combination in my system.  This is a very quiet, very musical pre-amplifier. With good recordings, there is excellent separation of instruments, great imaging, all that great stuff.

I was using a DeHavilland Ultraverve 3 prior to this, but wanted something hassle free that could stay on all day, as I also watch TV through this system, and tubes are too fragile for 24/7 day to day operations. Highly recommend this combo.