Anyone with an Oppo been playing Blu ray TV series Madmen?

Been having trouble with my 103d playing any disks from season one to four of Madmen on Blu ray. Been able to get a couple disks to work but thats it.

I recently updated to the latest firmware and also emptied my persistent storage on the Oppo. Still nothing. Anyone watch this series on a Oppo on Blu ray?
I have an Oppo 105D, and several seasons of Madmen. I’ll put one on and let you know. IMO, Madmen was the best series ever shown on TV. Better Call Saul comes close!

Also, I did have problems with my Pioneer BDP 09 DVD player, which I bought used. I called Pioneer (the number was in the owner’s manual) and was told that my player had an older version of the operating system. They sent me a disk to download and I haven’t had a problem since. Call Oppo!
Are you using Madmen Blurays or DVDs? I have the DVDs and they work perfectly.

I have been chatting with Oppo via email and they want me to send a disk in and it may be part of a future firmware fix. That could be a firmware we dont see for quite awhile and I am wanting to watch the series soon. I am on the list for a 205 and hoping some on here have the same player with the Madmen blurays working good for them. For now I am holding off buying anymore of the series.

I agree that the Madmen is a great series. I have to be honest and that I dont watch many tv series having only watched Ally Mcbeal and Lost over the last 25 years.

Yes, it is a DVD, not Blu-ray. Sorry! And, yes, the DVD plays just fine. I wish I could have been more help. Hopefully, you’ll get that Oppo 205. It sounds like they are in short supply. Try to catch “Better Call Saul” on AMC. It’s a little slow-moving, but good nonetheless. Try to see it from the first episode (on demand) to get the full story.