anyone with a 'system' near me?

Maybe this has already been though of, but a recent ad of someone selling their equipment in my geographic area has inspired this idea: I think it would be great if we could locate fellow audiophiles living nearby so we would be able get together and listen to each others' systems. I think it would be great fun and very educational. For myself, I sometimes feel like I'm the only person around with the passion, but I'm sure there are others living close by who feel the same. This concept could grow into organized clubs, where groups can get together, and even organize events and visits to other groups in nearby (or distant) locals. Heck, there are Harley clubs; why not Audiophile clubs? There could even be alliances like the Audio Researcher's and the Kreller's, and we could do shoot-outs of one group's best system vs other's. We could arrange conventions where we set systems up and have blind listening test contests...The possibilities are limitless! I'd be willing to bet that merchants would love to attend events like this and possibly offer discount prices on their products for those attending such conventions. I don't have any formal plan yet to get the ball rolling, but a brainstorming session would be a great way to start. Hopefully, this thread will get things started, and then this could be moved into a new thread category, specifically for the purpose of bringing fellow individual audiophiles and groups/clubs together? What do you think?
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hahahahahahahahahaha. Actually, I think it is a good idea, but quite hard to implement. Unless you're in a really large metro area, there's probably about 20 people within 100 square miles (if you're lucky) that share your interests. The bset thing to do is work on a local level, and let things go from there. Find a few people and get rolling. Good luck
Just putting together some sort of directory would be a good idea!
Pay no attention to the first two deadhearts... It's normal for healthy humans to desire the company of others with similar intrests. G13 is right about it being a lot of work. I belong to the Chicago Audiophile Society and it's almost out of the question for anyone to bring in an entire system. Usually, a club officer will provide speakers or a front-end to complete whatever the guest-of-the-month has brought. We have had the "Heavy Hitters" of the industry bring their toys for our enjoyment. We also have flea-market sales which are very popular. If you decide to become the president (i.e., do most of the work), you benefit from being able to attend industry-only functions (CES, etc.) and manufacturers actually lend you $$$ equipment for evaluation! SWEET! Anyway, the hobby, excuse me, "fever" needs go-getters like you to keep things rolling! Roll on!
There are a number of audio societies and clubs out there--in NJ we have the New Jersey Audio Society, NY has The Audiophile Society, the Gotham Audio Society and probably more. Stereophile has some of them listed under their Industy Update column--you should check to see if there is one near you. Good luck!
Despite the sarcasm of the first two responses, your idea is not bad, however as indicated by the follow-ups it would be a lot of hard work. To start with where are you located?
We could wear black leather jackets with flaming amps on the back and shakedown local audio salons. Getting together is cool, but i'll pass on the alliances and competitions. It's good to think big sometimes, though.
Jerry: If you have not already, try posting to the "Who RU" thread and you may find some takers in your area. I have met a few local people at this site that I would like to go HiFi salon hopping with when I am a little more mobil than I am now, but hauling in and setting up a bunch of gear I have found is too exhausting. I did this with a few friends and aquaintences a while back, which was informative and fun but also too much work for me.
I am almost embarrassed to post here now, considering some the comments made before me. Actually, I think Audiojerry is completely normal in his quest to learn from others. I have an audio group that has met almost without fail, every Tuesday evening, for more than 20 years! If there is not new equipment to test, we enjoy new music and the fun of listening together. Sharing music is not strange, it is normal for people who share similar interests, and want the involvement of others. Jerry, I don't know where you live, but I am willing to invite you as a guest at any one of my sessions. I have already met four people in the Dallas area due to Audiogon, and if friendship among people who enjoy music is strange, then I am guilty. By the way, our group consists of professional musicians, audiophiles, audio manufacturers, and both male and female visitors. Best wishes!
This kind of thing already exist in some parts of the country. For example go to
I think the directory is great idea, then the respective locals could meet and make arrangements in sort of a more natural, go at your own pace way. For anyone interested (especially you ladies), I live in Dallas.
You dont mention where you live so I dont see how your question can be answered. Check the listings in Stereophile for your local Audiophile Society. Or try asking you audio retail outlets. There are lots of audio clubs out there. As far as Bike Clubs, if you have to ask to be invited, you aint. Panheads and Prostates, reliable leakers - couldnt do with out either.........
I think its a great idea! In my area there are not any high end two channel stores that carry equipment I am interested in. If one could hook-up with others we could listen to other equipment etc. etc. I live in Perrysgurg, Ohio (North West Ohio) Any one around me?
Audiojerry, great idea. If more audio people got togeather everyone involved would have access to much more gear. Just think of the knowledge and the association that is going on at Albertporters home. I live in So Cal. Dekay, I still plan on getting togeather with you. When you are ready we will go salon hopping. I will drive and do not worry about the too much work part. As it says in the song, you can lean on me. Any Ventura county audiophiles out there?
Obviously #1 is a homophobe, probably listening to Aiwa mini. I frequently take a piece of equipment to friends homes to demo and compare. Interconnects are a lot of fun to fool with. You ARE missing something if you don't have anyone to play with.
Don't see why audiogon couldnt start a member directory that could be sorted by zip code. What say, Big Brother?
I was just trying to get the ball rolling. I'm glad to see the results so far. Like I said, this was meant to be a brainstorming session to elicit ideas. As far as using this thread to actually get together, I think that might best be done by creating separate threads by location, or by asking audiogon to form a separate category for this purpose: something like 'Getting Together', or 'Sharing'. If that sounds 'gay' to some of you, then you can just remain in your rooms by yourselves, and enjoy whatever it is that you do with yourself. PS, I live in the general area of Milwaukee, WI
The directory sounds good to me. I'm in the Sacramento area-zip 95661. Anyone near?
Ditto the suggestion to look at the front pages of Stereophile -- along the bottom of the initial pages in each issue they list the names, meeting places, and times for local audiophile clubs. For example, in the Seattle area, the Pacific NW Audio Society meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at church on Mercer Island. Audio societies are a great place to share ideas, listen to other people's gear, etc., and you don't have the hassle of organizing the thing or finding a place to meet. Additionally, most of the larger clubs have club-owned systems that form a good benchmark comparison for other equipment.
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ya know what i've chnged my mind i might go to an audio club--cause i live in ohio(from london uk)and it sux here totaly---people dont have intrests like me here---they'd rather moan about weather and build hot rods-----no offence----i need to move to a civalised place---any one in ohio that wants to talk hifi shop contact me--i'm into linn gear