Anyone with a recommendation for a monoblock?

I'm considering matching an NAD master series pre amp with a set of Three mono blocks, since I enjoy Their Enhanced three channel mode, generally. Does anyone have any endorsements for moderately priced tube or solid state mono blocks. I've never owned any. Seems to me that someone might have a tube rave to offer--since I'm interested in what felicity they might present.
Describe "moderately priced"? I really like the Manley and Prima Luna for value tubed stuff.
“Wyred 4 Sound” makes several class D monoblock amps. They are some what tube like in sound with great detail, bass and sound stage. These monoblocks compete with others that cost several times more. Well worth a look at in my opinion!
What speakers are you planning to drive with these amps?

No worries regarding the type of speakers - these drive 1-ohm Apogee Scintillas and sound wonderful.
Moderately priced for me sbout $2000.00 ---looks like the wyred 4 sound have a nice looking design---I could just purchase their 3 channel amp. Should that be a goal? how wonderful is wonderful...?
Also, Speakers are nice Polks for now, that I did some mod solder work on. I have cats , lots of em so Vandersteens are out but I like them beaucoup. Other than that I like Energys Veritas line. I guess I probably won't be too disapointed in that direction. Ideally maybe B&W 805's.just pipe dreaming for now. Any problems with tubes and small B&W'S?
The price in the review is incorrect - the H2OAudio M250S mono's have a new retail price of $2500.

Read page 2 of the review listed in my prior post for description of sound characteristics.
Have had the B&W 804 matrix and never had a problem with tubes, either C-J MV 52 or their Premier 11a, more power more singing, great combo
Quicksilver makes good tube mono blocks that are not too expensive. You just need to make sure they work with your speakers.