Anyone who repairs Apogees in Chicago?

Is there anyone who repairs Apogees in Chicago or the midwest?
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My first guess might be John at Van L Speakerworks. John is a very down to Earth / straight-up kind of guy. If he can't do it and do it right, he'll let you know. Other than that, i wouldn't know where to point you. It is possible that Brian of Essential Audio might know of someone. Sean
You might check with Bob Dragunas 781-223-4575. Although he lives in Mass., he worked for Apogee and still does repairs. Did a great job on my Divas.

Bob, feel free to give me a call tonight... 847-382-8433 A friend in the area has a pair of Scintillas and may be of help...

Brian Walsh
Thanks for all the suggestions. Brian, I will be calling you in the next day or two. I've heard that you represent the amazing Soundlabs line. I'd love to hear them sometime. Sean, thanks for the tip. I will be calling John as well.Madhf I will also give Bob a call. One cannot ever have too much information!
I did call John and he said that he coulld repair the Apogees locally. I also called Bob Dragunas who said that he would buy the Studio Grand if he were in the market, but he could repair the original Apogee. He said they made no accomodation for repairing the ribbons in the original so one must drill them open and then repair them after placing the ribbon in. Bob