Anyone who has tried spikes with the VMPS RM40's?

I know the speaker was designed to be coupled to the floor/carpet without spikes however, it just makes sense to spike. Using spikes with other speakers I have noticed improved bass definition and the midrange was more focused.
spikes keep the cabinet from moving as well ,but the vmps rm40's are heavy enough(they are not going anywhere) that you don't need them. their bass drivers are designed to work with the floor much like some loudspeakers are designed to work with other room boundries(cornerhorns for example). sometimes after listening to lots of speakers that don't have the ability to reproduce real bass,our ears become trained to except higher frequencies as bass...if you're not 'feeling it' as much as hearing it, the speaker isn't getting those deep notes out...the vmps however should play those lowest registers effortlessly.
Bass definition with many, (not all) vmps speakers comes in the form of adjustment by means of small amounts of the putty that comes pre installed on the passive driver. This adjustment along with adjustment of rear pots on the speakers will do far more than any spikes could ever do. The speakers do not come tuned to your room, I have a pair of super tower/r's for six years now. These big 200+lb. speakers do not need to be spiked to the floor.
Brian Cheney says his speakers must not be used with spikes..he designed them..if he thought spikes would be useful with VMPS then he would put them on..I suggest you not to use spikes with VMPS..