Anyone W/ Sound Lab A3/M2 in Florida?

I heard A1 and fell in love but because of room constraints (ceiling height on sloping sidewall)I can't purchase A1/M2.
Before I buy A3/M2 I'd like to hear what percentage of the A1/M1 magic that I'd be missing. So, I was hoping if anyone if Florida with A3/M2 might be willing to give me a listen. I live in Orlando and will drive anywhere in the state. Thanx!
I've already post in the Planar Asylum. In Georgia.
eric just get in your car. 7 to 8 hours youn can be here. as i told you on the phone the other day.
Greetings Ericpsych -

If the only barrier between you and M-1's is the height of the panels, let me mention that Sound Lab is willing to build you a custom set of M-1 panels to the exact height to fit your room.

Best of luck to you,