Anyone visit the VAC display at the Home Th. Show

I am looking for a review of the sound of the VAC equipment at the recent Home Theater Show in New York. I have heard the VAC Phi Stereo amp and wonder how the Phi Preamp sounded. Thanks to all you lucky attendees.
I wasn't too impressed, but then again show conditions weren't ideal. They were sharing space back to back in a large room with a cloth blind set up between them.

I was totally impressed. To me it was the best sound maybe second only to few times more expensive BAT arrays with Utopia Be for 200k.
I think Bob is talking about the VTL setup, not the VAC setup.

I loved the VAC/VS setup too...
Wow! Two polar extremes on the reviews! I need to hear from more to make a value judgement. Thanks for your opinions.
Maniac- I thought the best sound at the show was VAC electronics driving a pair of Albert's VR-4Jrs. Didn't notice the model number of the VAC, as I was more interested in the speakers. Great sound though.


PS- The McIntosh / Martin Logan's were my second choice, followed by the BAT / JM Utopia's.