Anyone using Wyred amps with Vandersteens?

I've suddenly got it in my head to try a pair of Vandersteens -- probably a pair of 2CEs. I'm currently using a pair of Wyred 4 Sound mono amplifiers (the SX-500s).
Anyone had any experience with Wyred and Vandersteens -- good, bad, indifferent?
I've been using small two-way speakers -- Celestion SL-700s, B&W Signature 805s, Spendor S3/5r (with a Monitor Audio sub), but have been wanting to try out something, um, bigger.
-- Howard
Just to let you know, I just took delivery on SX-1000's and an ST-Preamp...Sound went in my room from very nice to HOLY MOLY in a smallish room, that originally had Wharfedale Sapphire 88's and a Yamaha R-9 receiver. They were an outstanding pairing in their own right.
I finally snagged a pair of 2CE's at a price I could actually afford and checked it out. Rather interesting observations....for one thing I observed, the Vandy's are WAY to big to open up in our smallish room(100 square feet). BUT what I can say is that the sound is crazy fast and well controlled, think 3.7 Maggie soundstage, but not quite as light, but still warm and airy. These amps love wide bandwidth tweeters (like in the 2CE), they sound brilliant with out sounding harsh at all. Try that with any unforgiving underpowered amp...forget it, it will strain and 'scream' all day. have got it in spades, hearts, clubs AND diamonds, in other words, the ENTIRE deck of cards. You lose NOTHING. Good thing about the 2CE, is they will resolve as much as you feed them with quality source components and amps. Your amps are world class in my opinion. Difference's between your amps and mine....About 3 db more headroom, and reports of a little more liquid sound. I Love my amps, they are awesome, plenty in the tank with room to spare. Your amps will drive the 2CE to perfection. Just pay attention to the thermal limits of the speaker. They still only handle 2/3 power of what these SX-500's will put out, keep the source material clean and undistorted. Prepare to be surprised at the rainbow of sound with an awesome sense of balance and natural unrestrained presentation without sounding warm or even a hint of bloat. It is going take a little getting used to having something so accurate, not unlike a test instrument in a recording studio, but once you hear it you will probably never go back. Your other speaker choices indicate a much warmer response. Bass lines will be very lean but extended. Keep in mind that in my tiny room, the wave front of the low end limit of the Vandy's are going to be MUCH lower (over an entire octave) than what I even hear in the room. If your room is bigger than 150-175 square feet, I would suspect a much different experience in the bass area. Case in point, KEF LS-50's that I also have are absolutely intoxicating in the same room with VERY much detail, the most bass I could hope for in that room without making a bloated mess, which is a stupendous match. Good luck, I think you are going to like this....