Anyone using Waves plugin for noise reduction?

Hello all,
Is anyone using Waves Audio Restoration to get rid
of pops and clicks from the LP's transfered to CD? I have tried many programs to include; DART, Red Roaster and Ray Gun. All of these programs do a fair job at best. Stereophile gave Waves a thumbs up but didn't test the product themselves.
I'm using a VPI TNT3 with Benz Ruby going into
a Pass Ono phono stage to a Audible Illusions Mod3, then to the computer sound card which is a DAL card. I use Samplitude Master as my wave editor. I'm very pleased with
the results but want to get rid of every last lick of noise!
BTW, I also have a MicroTec XL scanner so I can scan my LP covers in one pass and get great results. I use
Paint Shop Pro7 for this. I use a Primera Signiture 3 to
write to printable media CD's. Very cool! Thanks for any
input. Also, does anyone know a good wholesaler from whom
I could purchase the Waves product? At $1200.00 it's a little expensive.
This is not a direct answer to your question, but I do have some relevant comments. My turntable/arm is an RPM w/ the Benz Ruby. For digital conversion I use an Apogee Rosetta into an RME Pro soundcard. The software is t.c. Works Spark XL (MSRP $699). The click removal program in Spark is excellent, however, my experience is that there's another important element to click removal other than software. A record cleaner (VPI or something similar) is essential to achieving quiet record surfaces. Good luck!