Anyone Using Voodoo Infinity Digital Power Cables

I’ve been reading good things about these Voodoo digital power cables and was wanting to hear first hand by those who have them in their hifi. They’re really not all that expensive in the world of audiophile cables. I’m considering them for a Bryston BDP 3 and an Ayre QB9 Twenty DAC.


10 AWG. check.

I'm good with the Ice age audio for about 15% of the price.

Note tellurium copper is stronger, machines better, but is a poorer conductor.


@carlsbad I believe the tellurium copper is plated. Thanks for the Ice Age recommendation. There are many bespoke cable companies i.e.Triode Wire Labs, Valiant, Cullen but not that many reviews. Aside from Voodoo cables I've been considering the Cullen Crossover PC's.

Indeed tellurium copper is often plated.  I like silver plated interconnects.  

I like the looks of the cullen cables too.  Pure copper contacts as I recall.


Take look at Audio Envy or Zavfino - they would likely outperform the Voodoo products

Both offer good value for money and great improvements in performance

Also, labelling a power cable as "DIGITAL" is utter nonsense.

  • doing that makes people think they should have one cable for analogue components and one for digital components
  • when in fact a well designed power cable will service both types of component

Just another opinion

Regards - Steve