Anyone using Von Schweikert's w/ Musical Fidelity?

I **think** I've finally settled in on a system I'm really happy with! I say "think" because my system seems to constantly be in a state of flux... DAMN YOU, AUDIOGON!!

I'm curious though if anyone else has paired Von Schweikert speakers with Musical Fidelity amps and what their opinions are? I read a lot about a synergy between MF and B&W, plus a few others - but haven't seen much in regard to Von Schweikert paired with these amps.

I've got the VR-1's paired up with the A300 integrated and they sound better to my ears every day. I've barely got them broken in at around 100 hours and, literally, can't wait to get home and crank them up.
I'm surprised ther haven't been any responses - guess I'm the only one!
I think there were a few threads some time ago about amps used with VSA speakers, check into that thread.
Yes, I am !! ...but only for the last 24 hours, my MF 308 power amp just arrived yesterday from an audiogon seller. I have CD Pre-24 and 308 power amp driving VR4Jr speakers. Unfortunately I haven't yet received my new speaker cable and interconnects so am presently listening through old Monster cable that I purchased 15 years ago. Still it has a great level of clarity although the bass will definately tighten up when the PS audio cables arrive from the Audio Advisor (they have great deals on these now - 75% off !) . Once the system is together and I've put a few hours on it, only then will I start playing around with the positioning, spiking, weighting etc.

Main reason I went for MF was because of previous experience; I bought a B200 integrated back in 1989 with a pair of Infinity RS4001 speakers - nothing I listened to at the time had such a smooth liquid sound as the MF, possibly because it operated in class A/AB, though I'm really not sure about this - it certainly ran very hot - can anyone confirm ?

I went for the VS due to the great bass extension for a compact unit in addition to the usual attributes of a mid/high end speaker. I must say you do need a fair bit of power to drive these things though I do have a very large open plan living room. I would suggest minimum 150w if you have a reasonable sized room. feel free to drop me a e-mail. steve
Dlwask - thanks, yes, I looked through those threads earlier and they are mostly focused upon tube amps that pair well with the VSA's and none of them mentioned Musical Fidelity equipment.

Steve999_1 - that's great! congrats on your purchases. Let me know once you get everything set up and what your results are. I just replaced all my Monster Cable with Signal Cable and have been thrilled. I'm still breaking in my VR-1's but this combo is sounding better every week!
Yes. Cd/Pre 24 and a3cr amp through VR1s. Very pure with surprising bass response in my room. Superb reproduction of good orchestral recordings despite the small size of the VR1.
I've been playing the VR-1's pretty much non-stop over the weekend and I've got to say that I just couldn't be any happier with this setup. Playing anything off my Rega P5/Rega Exact combo is a joy.

I'm in total agreement with Teeshot, the bass is simply astounding - tight, fast, with not even the slightest hint of boominess. The high end is perfect - not bright at all, well controlled through and through, and the midrange is amazing.

Steve999_1 - how's your system coming along? I'm curious because I've read that the A308 and A300 differ quite a bit in overall sound.
Which VR ?

I am using the creek 5350se with my vr2.
Excelent combo and I believe the creek characteristics quite resemble the MF one.
I have a pair of VR-1's on iF Designs custom made stands made specifically for the VR-1's (nothing else in the way of stands comes close to the performance of the iF stands), with a Musical Fidelity X-A2 integrated amp with excellent results.
My front-end is a Teac VRDS cd player and I also have the Von Schweikert VR-S3 subwoofer which I have used before with the VR-1's with great effect but we have recently moved and my new listening room layout will be designed around using only the VR-1's without the sub.
I would like to try the Musical Fidelity X-A200 mono-blocs in this system but they still sell second-hand for silly money here in the UK so that will have to wait.