Anyone using VIBRAPLANE under turntable? results?

i hv heard people say it awful. air a conductor but now learning that it not like inner tube. more sophisticated. some are telling it is best thing in the world under table. do more than buying new table. anyone actually TRIED IT> results? if u did and it bad, what did u end up using effectively> thx!
I have a vibraplane under my turntable and it does improve the sound quite a bit. You will notice that everything clers up.You will also notice that there is a layer of haze that went missing that you never knew was there before.

There is very little on the downside. You will have to pump it every 10 days to 2 weeks.

You might also notice that the bass gets a little lean. It's tighter and quicker. Some people would like it fatter.

If budget permits, I believe a vibraplane is a must for good vinyl playback.
I have heard fabulous things about the active unit, but the darn things are so expensive.
I own a passive Vibraplane. I have no problem with pressure. The last time I pumped it up is 8 weeks ago and it is still on same level. For me it is a perfect unit.
And it improves the sound of the Turntable in a very interesting way. Check it out.
If you can't afford the Vibraplane, there are a couple of companies making affordable devices that contain air bladders. Although they aren't as sophisticated as the Vibraplane, Air bladder devices provide astonishing clarity when placed under components. Arcici and Bright Star Audio make very affordable devices. I have tried both and they are a good value.

I have over 100k invested in my hifi. The difference in sound when using good damping devices under your components is stunning. It is comparable to a major component upgrade.
Below is a link to another thread that has some good info about Vibraplanes under TT's.