Anyone using VH Audio for hook up mod ?

I am thinking of rewiring some speakers [Spendors] using either silver or high grade copper wire, probably 18 gauge. I was looking at the ones here: Has anyone used them or have other suggestions?
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You should speak with Jeff at Sonic Craft. He is very knowledgeable about this subject, and the vaious gauges and types that should be used for a given application. While you are at it, you might as well ask his advice on a crossover upgrade. It is not that hard to do it yourself.
If that link is the Chela cable, it's a great cable which I use for my mains which are all Spendor. And since I use it for speaker cabling I also used it for rewiring the internal cabling of my rears (Spendor BC1s)

The Chela has good synergy with the spendors, well at least the classic series, and works well for internal cabling. Recommended.