Anyone using velodyne hgs -10 subwoofer.

Thoughts on velodyne hgs -10 subwoofer.
I have the HGS 18 subwoofer and have been very happy with it. I am the original owner and have used it for about 12 years. Its been into Velodyne once for repairs. their customer service was great. What are your concerns?
I owned one for just over a year and found it to be a nice subwoofer for a small room system. Solid bass to the mid 20's with generous output. It will not move your foundation, but provided you are not listening at levels much over 100 db, it is a good choice. Provided there are no amplifier issues, (these were known to have amplifier failures though I never had any problems) and you can find one for about $400 shipped or less, I'd say go for it.
I had one for fifteen years before it finally crapped out. Performed quite well, without calling attention to itself. Replaced it with a JL f112 that is actually a little more of a challenge to blend when I'm in two channel listening. Still have the HGS 10. May do some research to see if repairs are tough to do.

For a good price, I'd bet you'd love it.
I had died. Too bad because it was a great sub. I included it with a pair of speaker I had sold, the buyer was intent on fixing it.

My father has a HGS10 and it suffered the same fate but come to find out there's a place in New Jersey that specializes in HGS repairs.

EBC Electronics

We sent the amp in on a Tuesday and had it back the following Monday. Exceptional service !!! Sub works as new now

I used an HGS12 for several years, was always surprised on how good it sounded and integrated considering its price.