Anyone using Tyler Acoustics Pro Dynamics speakers

I'm curious how these speakers sound with low watt triode amps. They are 98-101db efficient. I can't find any reviews. Any input appreciated. Thanks!

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still intereted
I have heard them with low powered tube amps. They do sound very good. I would call Ty directly as these speakers do sound somewhat different than his conventional speakers.
Thank you Sam
I have a pair of pd15's and they are exceptionally good more like live music
than other speakers.The thing I like about them most is their dynamics.
Just wondering if anyone else has an Tyler Acoustics Pro Dynamics speaker experience. Especially the PD15 or PD30 models. Thanks!
I haven't heard them, but there was a thread about them that Duke of Audiokinesis responded to. He said the configuration would work well. I talked with Duke a few months back, and at some point in the near future I'm going to purchase his Jazz Modules. They also use "Pro" drivers.
Thanks Jwlaff. Duke makes nice speakers.