Anyone using Tributaries Silver Series?

Browsing for AV accessories, I found the Tributaries homepage, where the SCD-H HDMI cable and HDMI signal restorer struck interest. I then noticed their silver series audio cables as well, in particular the SCA-TL IC. Apparently Tributaries have no distributor in Germany, so auditioning becomes a bit difficult. Out of interest, what league would you put them in in terms of quality and in terms of price (audio and video cables)? Thanks.
I have some in s-video & they seem to do a good job.
I have a pair of tributaries silver interconnects. They work fine. I changed amps and pre amp and was having some speaker hum. I replaced the 100%copper silver tinned teflon insulated high end interconnects with the tributaries. The hum went away and the sound improved. Probably more from the lack of the hum.But, I am happy