Anyone using those cd damping mats?

Years ago, maybe 10 years(?), I used one of those mats, and green ink. I would say that it did make a difference, though I can't remember the name of the mat. However, it damaged my cd player (McCormack Prism II) drive. That's what Steve McCormack told me anyway, he said those things wear out the drives. So I stopped using them. 75% of my music listening is to LP's now anyway.
Anyway, while perusing the new Music Direct catalog, I saw they claim that the SID (Sound Improvement Disc) is their best selling accessory (pg. 36). Are folks still using these things? Long term? Was the info Steve gave me wrong? Maybe his player had a poor drive mechanisim and it wasn't the disc that caused the damage, I don't know. I'm just curious as to others experiences with this kind of tweak.
Just buy the Herbie's Grungebuster for $20. You can do a search here for a review I wrote. Others chimed in with significant praise for it as well. You do not have to strain to hear the difference. An excellent tweak.
Jc I have the SID and find no benefit from it all.
Properly made mats dampen the CD, keep stray from getting into the disc layers and help the laser read the disc.
If you can't hear the difference, it's because your system:
- isn't able to properly resolve detail in the first place
- there is somehting else downstream screwing things up, like RF interference or vibration
- you may not know what to listen-for. A good mat will lower the noise floor and small details that were masked previously will appear. High frequencies will be more clear and extended, and sibilance is reduced.