Anyone using their Jolida JD 100 as a transport?

I'm looking to get a more detailed and dynamic sound out of my CDP. I'm thinking of hooking up an inexpensive DAC to my Jolida JD 100 CDP.

I have never used a DAC before, and could use advice on a decent DAC / digital cable combo for approx. $600-$800 (used).

My other option is to sell my JD 100 CDP and get a used Meridian 508.24 or Arcam CD23.

The rest of my system is as follows:
Speakers: Silverline Sonata II (due in two weeks)
AMP: BAT VK 200 (ss)
Pre: BAT VK 30 (tube)
I/C for source: Purist Venustas (in-transit)

Any advice / suggestions would be appreciated.
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As a former owner of the JD100, I am one of the very few who was not impressed with it at all. I tried several different tubes, power cables, and IC's, but to no avail -- it still sounded lifeless and bloated to me.

For a more detailed and dynamic sound, you could hardly go wrong with an Arcam, even their entry level cd73 packs tons of detail. For all the improvements of an Arcam player with true musicality and finesse, try a Rega Planet, or better yet, a Jupiter.
Pdreher, what tubes have you tried? Have you tried a PC? This player responds very well to both.

It's an acceptable Transport. I used mine to feed either my Pre/Pro or a Theta DSPro for a while. Though the tube output was my preferred source and its a fine one at that.
I considered using the Jolida JD-100 with my Audio Mirror D1 DAC ($500 new, but I own two and may have a used one for sale in a couple months depending on some upgrading I'm doing) but decided to go with a straight transport. I use the VH Audio Pulsar IC and the combination should run you no more than $700.
I have no experience with the Jolida, so I don't know if my recommendation will increase dynamics or detail in your system, but you might want to look into a combination of the Audio Mirror D1 DAC which costs $500 new, connected via Acoustic Zen MC2 used for around $170 on Audiogon.

I find this duo presents a big soundstage while being both dynamic, detailed, but not hyper-detailed, and also possessing a decently fleshed out midrange. This DAC is not as detailed as the more neutral sounding Ack! dAck! 2.0 which is also worth a look, but costing slightly more.
I'd sell the Jolida since it's something that will always have a buyer used and you could get decent money for it. What makes it good is it's output stage, so using it as a transport seems like a waste.
Good point Robm321. It would seem the emphasis is on Jolida's tube output stage.
Thanks to all for your responses.

I've thought about selling the Jolida ($550-$600 value) and replacing it with a dedicated transport... but can I really get a good transport for $550-$600 which will offer me significant improvement over the Jolida?

Also, I've already contacted Vlad about getting the Audio Mirror D1. I'm fairly confident that is the direction I'll be headed if I don't just end up going with an ARCAM CD23 CDP.

Additional comments and guidance is appreciated.
On second thought, I am with Rob and Gunbei on this too. If you havent/wont try any tube changes then a tube player probably isnt for you.

Something else to consider. If you're running stock tubes in the CDP, with a tube BAT pre, and a BAT amp, its probably as sweet as syrup. Maybe too sweet!

While you are waiting for your Silverlines, what is filling speaker duties? You may want to wait at least until you try out your new speakers before changing sources! If for nothing else then to just have baseline of what you dont like about the sound.

Distortion - I've been using Soliloquy 6.2i's, which I recently sold. I have tried GE NOS tubes in the JD 100, but preferred the stock tubes.

I should have my Sonata II's by the end of the month (waiting for a cash infusion from some stock sales). I agree that I may have a bit too much sweetness / warmth with the rest of my BAT setup. I'm starting to lean towards selling my Jolida JD 100, and going with a different ss redbook CDP (Arcam FMJ CD23 or Sony XA7ES), and doing some tube experimentation with my BAT VK 30 preamp.

I agree that I need to be patient with any additional changes and wait till I have my Sonata's to start with a new baseline.

I have Sol 6.2's right now. Good little speaker! I bet you're going to like the Silverlines. Good choice.

I used to have the Jolida paired with a Theta DAC, I replaced it with a CDP with volume control. I still miss the Jolida.

I tried a couple of pairs of GE tubes and didnt much care for either of them. In fact the JAN GE's were aweful in this player. I really loved a pair of smooth plate telefunken 12ax7s but they are pretty expensive.

However, a brand new matched pair of gold pin Electro Harmonix 5751's came very very close to the Tele's. I bought mine at Boi Audio Works for $38.00 a pair. I strongly suggest trying these.

You might also consider some of the EI brand 12ax7s. I tried the silvers and while good, they had a bit to much sparkle for my system.

I tried several powercords on my Jolida. All had some impact but my best results were with a Virtual Dynamics power 3 (used 1.5m about 100.00). I like the VD brand PCs but I had good results with Signal Cable, MIT, and Transparent brand cables as well.

To sum up. I would try a few changes, especially tubes, before you decide to change. The Jolida is one sweet and seriously capable CDP. I liked having the SS DAC along with the tube CDP. Some recordings sounded better on the DAC than tubes ...not many though!
Distortion... I've taken your advice and ordered some RCA NOS tubes from Andy @ Vintage Tube Services. Andy was very knowledgeable and helpful. I have already upgraded the power cord to a Cardas Cross.

My next project is to replace my BAT VK 200 amp & VK 30 preamp with a high quality integrated (trying to simplify things). I'll probably list my BAT gear tonite, along with a SinglePower tubed headphone amp.
All right. I've already sent an email to Andy asking for my spiff =).

I bet your going to like the sound with those in. If you dont, maybe try one more set of tubes and if it still doesnt work out, sell the whole setup and rest assured you gave it a thorough attempt.
Pdher, what integrated do you think you will find that can match your BAT combo? You have a seriously sweet match with those two. I was looking at a BAT VK-300 to replace my VK60 & my dealer told me not too. He said the 300 is VERY nice but not quite close to what I have. I would seriously think about what I was going to use in place of what you have before you sell. Good Luck.
Fish... I'm looking at the VAC Avatar SE or Avatar Super. My speakers are Silveline Sonata II's, and at 95dB effeciency, I don't need the BAT power... plus, I like the idea of simplifying my system and going with an integrated and fewer cables.
Pdreher, I wanted to check back in after a few weeks. How do your new speakers sound? I bet they sound good! Also, how did you like the Jolida with the RCA's? I hope our advice worked out for you.
Distortion - The new speakers (Silverline Sonata II's) are the real deal! I'm presently listening to classical via my Jolida modded 402 tuner, and it sounds better than my old speakers playing CD's. The Sonata II's at used prices ($2500 - 2800) are a very good value.

As you recommended, I purchased some 1960's vintage RCA NOS tubes ($120 from Andy @ Vintage Tube Services). These tubes are definitely a noticeable step up from the stock tubes I was running. However, I still have a hankering for a bit more detail and dynamics. My current plan is to stick with the Jolida for the next 6-8 months, then upgrade to the Ayre CX7e. I can't argue that the Jolida isn't a great value, but I think it does not live up to the standards of the rest of my system. I'm satisfied for now, but will eventually get the itch to upgrade next year, money permitting.