Anyone using the TW Acustic Raven or AC in ATL?

Are you using the Tw-Acustic Raven or AC here in Atlanta GA?
Stickman, I went to your system page and left this message:

I have an Aries 3 / JMW 10.5i tonearm and recently upgraded to a Dynavector XV-1s from a 20XL. The difference was huge. One of the most impressive upgrades I have ever done. The XV-1s has incredible black backgrounds, super smooth mids, with fantastic detail of both ambient space and instruments. Bass is tuneful and impactful was well. All of these things improved by over 50-75% from the 20XL. Even more interesting, the guy I had mount the cart and break it in was playing it on a Hovland HP-100 too! It was also incredible with that set up. I'm sure the Raven is a great table, but I would think the most bang for your hard-earned buck is the XV-1s. I'll be happy to tell you more of my experience - just email.
Thx, Sent an email.
Wow, no TW owners in the Atlanta Ga area?
There must be; I have seen 5 other systems here in Louisville and 2 of them have Ravens. Must be a skewed sample.
I have a Raven and am very satisfied, but I am in Memphis, TN. If you ever get to Memphis, you are welcome to stop by.

Great; what did you replace with the Raven? Is that a One or an AC? What's your entire rig like?
I had a Merrill table. I now have a Raven One, still with the stock tonearm, but am awaiting a recent purchase of a Helius Cylene. My cartridge is a Denon 103R that sounds terrific (especially after adding a step up transformer from Jeffrey Jackson of Experience Music).

Two Devotion 300B mono amps each with their own volume contol (no separate preamp) and my phono stage are each also from Experience Music.

Audio Research CD1

Speakers are Edgarhorn Slimlines with 2 Subs. Cables are Verbatim. I am really happy with my sound and hope that the new arm just adds to my bliss.