Anyone using the Pete Riggle Woody?

My next tonearm was always going to be a Terminator or a Schick. Lately I've looked at the Woody. It seems fussy and a real oddity. Yet it exists. Anyone here use one? 
I have assisted a friend in setting up a Woody SPU tonearm.  Here are my impressions:

once adjusted, it sounds great.

1- it's the ultimate fiddler's tonearm - it requires infinite patience to setup and almost constant tweaking and adjustment.
2- it looks like it was made in Pete's garage. Not a complaint, just a fact.
3- I could not hear a significant difference from my Schick arm on my TD-124.  So while I love the wood look I can't see spending more money and the Schick is a breeze to setup.

Thanks @br3098 
So when it "sounds great," it sounds as good as a Schick?
Yes, at least on my deck and using the GM MkII E and the Mono 65 SPUs.  But that's my point.  IMO I wouldn't pay more than the Schick and have to put up with the setup/adjustment hassle of the Woody, unless it sounded a LOT better.

But there are guys (mentioned on Pete Riggle's Woody page) who disagree and find that it sounds better.  Again, I did not hear a significant difference between the two.  Maybe the standard Woody (not the SPU version) sounds different.  I haven't seen one so I can't say.

I'm taking your advice and not taking the risk. Thanks.