Anyone using the new Wadia 302 cdp?

I currently have the Wadia 301 cd player. I'll interested to know if the new Wadia 302 out performs the 301 on a significant level, or is it just a marginal improvement.
I could be wrong, but I dont think they ship till sometime in November.
I've heard it in the Dublin Hi-Fi show last weekend (the first in Europe) and it sounded superb.
Way better than I remembered the 301.
It was connected to Air-Tight ATM2 and Kharma CRM 3.2F Enigma with all Nordost Vlahalla cables.
Give it an audition.
I have a Wadia 301 and have listened to a 302 in a system similar to my own. It is too close to call. The two CDPs sound almost the same. The transport of the 302 feels cheaper and the new display is larger but less informative but they sound pretty much the same. Perhaps hours of critical listening may reveal small differences, but after listening to the 302 for an hour - I thought I was listening to a 301. I suppose Wadia might have released the 302 mainly becuase the stable platter transport of the 301 was discontinued.