Anyone using the Lyngdorf TDA2200?

Has anyone used the Lyngdorf as a one box solution for a full range system,i.e. as amp,room correction,dac.etc.And if so what did it replace.The review in The absolute sound left me with alot of questions.Any first hand experience would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Steve Boeck.
I tried a Lyngdorf TDA2200 in my TacT system. IMO, the TacT 2150 is a better sounding amp, especially with the Aberdeen

If you want a single amp with room correction, the TacT 2150 XDM gives you more control and is a much better value than a Lyngdorf TDA2200 with their Room Perfect module.
We have some members of the "Apogee speaker users forum" that use the Lyngdorf components with their Apogee speakers...I'm sure they could answer any questions you have, if you don't find your answers here. If I recall...they like it better than the TACT stuff they moved from.

I don't possess Lyngdorf TDA 2200 but I had the opportunity to listen to it in number of occasions. It is very fine sounding amp, especially when used with Room Correction System. Do not hesitate to go for it. It sounds quite good without RCS too, but the real goodie is to buy two Lyngdorf corner subs + RCS + TDA 2200 = Pure Pleasure ...
I use mine with a 2+2 horn system. It replaced an Aesthetix Calypso preamp and a Gallo Ref 3 subwoofer amp and XO. I run my CD player into the analog inputs rather than use the TDAi as a DAC, but it's close either way. I could sell my CD (Aero Capitole II) and pick up an inexpensive transport and be quite happy (and bank some cash).

So I have the TDAi's digital amp driving bass modules with its XO set for low pass, and high pass on the line-outs to a pair of SET mono's. Its delay function allows me to use the subs against the rear wall (or in corners if you prefer).

The magic is when you switch-in room correction.

A nice versatile tool blending old(SET) and new(Class D) technologies quite seamlessly.

Though I only use the amp for bass duties, it is a very good sounding amp. I used it briefly on the horns and it sounded excellent, without the annoying top-end that I'm sensitive to with other digital amps that I've heard. I was amazed that it was dead quiet into a 106db loudspeaker!

I've heard the Lyngdorf DP1 speakers and sub system which is very nice too, but not quite where I wanted to be.

Considering what gear you can replace with the TDAi and how good it sounds, its a no-brainer, which is possibly one of the reasons they don't show up in the classifieds too often.

I've owned Tact gear and have a lot of respect for what they do, but I prefer the Lyngdorf approach to room correction. Tact always had me wondering if I'd hit the right spot with setting the correction curve, resulting in endless tweaking. Lyngdorf just do it for you - an hour out of the box and you're done.

It'll keep me happy, for a little while at least :)