Anyone using the hsu VTF-2 subwoofer?

I have the Tyler Acoustic Monitors and really like them. I want to add a good solid subwoofer without spending alot of money. The VTF sounds too good to be true so wanted your opinions. Also interested in the VTF-3. I have been interested in the Rel Storm, but they are so much more expensive plus the dealer in this area (Magnolia hi-fi)is not very helpful.
I am. It's pretty tough to beat for it's price. Now it isn't in the same league as the REL but for home theater it is very good.

I have use both. VTF-2 the two VTF-3's. I have never really tried to integrate the subs into straight two channel, not sure if this is your intent. The 2 does have its limitations, with a 150 watt amp this makes sense. At the time I had the 2 and I demoded a Revel b-15 ($3000) and was seriously not impressed. For the money it was just not worth it.

When I bought the 3's it was either one REL or two HSU's. I had a bug and wanted 2 subs. Could not afford two REL's.

For the price I think the HSU are great. If I had monitors and wanted straight 2ch, I would get a REL.

BUT- for 250 bucks used the VTF-2 cheap enough to just screw around with.

I use a VTF-2 with Magnepan MMGs. I would have to say it fits extremely well with the Magneplaners for use in both music only and HT. I purchased it based on music first and HT second. I found it sounded very musical compared to a few other makes of subs I tried. Its down firing design and low crossover makes it easy to blend and hard to locate. I have a friend with a REL and I would argue that the HSU is a better value in either a 2-channel music or HT application.
I've heard the VTF-2 in a couple of setups. A very good value for HT for sure. To me, only acceptable for stereo but might be good enough for you. Like someone said, you might want to try a used one, not a lot invested that way, you get to see how it works for you. You can probably resell for what you paid and move up to a better sub if you desire.