Anyone using the Dynaudio BM6 ?

If your familiar with these monitors how do they compare to the hifi oriented line of dynaudio? Would they be too clinical sounding?
Thanks in advance!
No but tend to be bright - and cannot be completely EQ'd out. For some reason the BM-5's were less bright when I heard them in the store.

I preferred the Genelec which is warmer and less fatiguing than most all active monitors. Maybe too "pipe and slippers" for some.
I second the Genelec's - the 8050A is absolutely awesome. As CDC says it is a "pipe and slippers" sound in the sense that they are rather honest or completely neutral - but take your time and listen carefully and you realize the quality is actually there (even if the sizzle is not) a simply beautiful midrange and tangeable detailed bass and imaging that is absolutely unbeatable.