Anyone using the Clarus Aqua interconnects

How good to these cables sound? In the one meter pair. Any difference in sound from what you where using?
I am listening to some now. They are really good...They are very similar to Analysis Plus cables and are cheaper. Analysis Plus has whats called Continuous Cast Copper (solo crystal copper) and Clarus is called Aqua audio cable and its Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting...its all casting copper but Calrus is Cheaper. BTW Clarus is owned by Transparent Cable.
Thanks for responce,have used Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects and oval 12 speaker wire a few years back,for now went with a pair of Mike morrow audio Ma-5 interconnects and 4tc kimber speaker cable Combo seems to work well with a small intergrated tube amp. also these cables are still hard to find,from a authorized dealer locally.