Anyone using TARA Labs Evolution?

Hello, I am interested in hearing an opinion regarding the performance of TARA Labs Evolution cables. Preferably their Zero & Omega Evolution cables as that what was in the review. I’ve been reading Stereophile recommended components “fall edition list”, and there is much hype about these cables, especially the Zero Evolution. I am interested in only hearing from anyone who has, or is using these cables.
Thank you.
Hi Luukb, I read the fall edition of online Stereophile Recommended componets cable section, can anyone please tell me what is the exact papper issue the Tara labs Zero Evolution and Omega Evolution is in?, has it come out yet?, or was it in the semptember 2014 issue?
Luukb, that is on the stereophile site, I am talking about what issue of the magazine is the full review in?, the review on the site is incomplete,that is the partial part of the review.
Maybe you should look more closely into the magazine or maybe you shouldn't believe everything you hear from Tara or just maybe they don't meet the five dealer requirement set by Stereophile.
Ronnjay, very funny, it seems Stereophile has changed since 1997, you think?, the october issue of Recommended componet's had NO CABLES inside the issue for recommendation's, however, if you read what luukb has said in his post here, This Tara product we are talking about get's the highest regard over all other cables stereophile has exsperienced ever from what the review says, I wanted to read the full review, cheers.