Anyone using Supratek amps

Im curious to hear what Supratek amplifier users have to say about their amps. I am currently using a Supratek Chennin pre since Dec 04 and have been impressed but I have not heard much about the Supra amps. They are in the same price range as other amps I am looking at. The VTL MB450 is close in price but has so much more power. Any thoughts?
i think mick has been known to loan out a pair of his amps. i'm awaiting delivery of my chardonnay which should be shipping by tuesday at the latest. i'm interested in the burgundy monos, but doubt i'd ever be able or willing to pay $10k for a pair of amps. email mick and see if he's still willing to loan you a pair.
but I have not heard much about the Supra amps.

You're kidding, right? One of the longest thread on AudiogoN is on the Suprateks. More than 1000 posts I think.

Geoff, I think he means 'power amplifiers' and not full featured preamplifers or linestages.
Sorry. More fool me! Thanks for the gentle rebuke.

No problem. Heck that thread is so long I wouldn't be surprised if the Supretek power amps were also discussed as well!