Anyone using subs with Merlin VSM-ME's

I'm considering adding a sub or two to my system. My main speakers are Merlin VSM-M with BAM. Has anyone out there been able to integrate subs successfully.

I'm leaning towards small driver (10" or less)to be fast and REL is a candidate. Are there any sealed enclosure subs worth considering?

Maybe Bobby P. can chime in and let us know the status of the Merlin sub. I''ll volunteer to be a beta tester : ).
You will want to use the BAB as the high pass filter even with the subs. Use a sub that crosses over at 30 Hz at 12 or 24 dB per octave with phase inversion at the 24 dB slope.
Rels work well and small fast drivers are a better bet to keep up with the VSM's speed. Do you have the sixth toe mod? Do you have the ERS and tuning puck for BAM and digital? Do you have the premium finish speakers or the studio blacks?
You might want to consider the VBT Magellan VI sub. Uses an incredibly fast six inch driver. Reviewed highly by 6 moons.
Bobby: No, I do not have the latest mods. My pair is the gorgeous ruby red finish. I'll contact you regarding the 6th toe, ERS and puck early next week.

Danamc: Thanks for the suggestion.
Hi Bobby- any experience with 2Wqs used with the VSMs?
I do not have expereince with the Merlins.

However, I can vouch for the VBT Magellan VI sub.

I just recently replaced an inexpensive Energy sub with a pair of VBTs. These subs are mated with the relatively inexpesnive Totem Mite monitors. The result is nothing short of stunning! This setup rivals, and in some ways surpasses, alot if full range towers.

The bass in fast and tight. Soundstage is HUGE.

If you google for VBT Magellan you will find alot of discussion from the Horn crowd. I think this is a testament to their abilities.

I was concerned about lack of SPL. With two subs this is not a concern in my 13X23 ft room, with 12 ft ceilings.

These subs also appear to not finicky about placement.

These subs blend acoustically and estically! Their small size allows them to be easily hidden. For integration into a living room system (i.e non-dedicated listening room where large subs are not desired for esthetic reasons) they are ideal.

Next on the upgrade list... replace the Mites with Totem Model 1s!

regards Colin
Hi Swampwalker,
No I have no specific experience to report on with that woofer system...sorry.
Still though, be sure that if you are using the tuning pucks on the BAM and other parts of the system, ERS on the BAM and your digital, have the sixth toe mod with two feet on the front and one in the center rear and listen at 9 to 9 1/2 feet, there is less than a 5% chance that you will ever want or need a sub. A prodigious 30 Hz is very deep and a lot more that 95% of listening rooms can't support it.