Anyone using Schroeder arms? Opinions pls.

Am considering the Schroeder model 2 due to budget constraits. Would welcome any feedback on the arm. Ease of setup. Sound. LP surface noise.

I have not had it in my system, but friends oversees rave about both of the tonearns made by Schroeder.
Ask Chris Brady of Teres Audio. He mates the arm to the 255 and 265. Chris is a very pleasant guy to talk to and knows his stuff. A straight shooter and very knowledgable individual. One of the best around IMHO.

Another guy is "khaki8" here at audiogon. He too owns a Schroeder and a very respectable and well mannered audiophile.
I've heard some opinions, mostly from reviews about a natural, non-mechanical sound, with good soundstaging and bass. On the Teres site, Chris mentions that the bass on the Model 1 is somewhat "soft" but makes up for it in other areas.

I was hoping for a user who has actual experience with one to comment on the sound, and perhaps explain why it is so special. How different is it compared to any other unipivot?
The Schroeder model 1 is the best sounding tonearm I have
heard. Yet it is difficult to describe what it sounds like.
It has a few easily identified sonic flaws (loose bass,
less detail). Yet the arm sounds so compelling. It's like
the difference between vinyl and digital. Digital is clean
and flawless but just does not make music like vinyl does.

Ease of setup, well you don't get that with the Schroeder.
Lots of adjustments and the instructions are fair at best.

I have no idea about how the model 2 would stack up.

***It has a few easily identified sonic flaws (loose bass, less detail). Yet the arm sounds so compelling.

I usually read those audiophiles doodles like a humor magazine.

*** It's like the difference between vinyl and digital. Digital is clean and flawless but just does not make music like vinyl does.

My friend, Chris, your adjectives are not up to the current perception of your "consumers". You have to say that an analog played with non-Schroeder tonarm sounds like an Osama Bin Laden's speech but the sound coming via the Schroeder arm reminds a CNN report informing that we "successfully" just killed 400 "miserable mid-easterners". I am sure that "your subscriber" would understand your message cleaner.

Good luck,
Romy the Cat
Perhaps that is YOUR level of understanding, oh festering, flatulent feline, but don’t drag the rest of us down to your low level of literacy.

Chris, I heard a Schroeder at a dealer’s during a rather long comparison of arms and tables over a period of several days. I think that the bass “problems” you cite may be table or cartridge combination specific. Maybe such is the case on the Teres. Have you had the opportunity to listen with the Schroeder on other tables? I heard one on a Nottingham Hyperspace, an SME 30/2, and a Clearaudio table which I am presently blanking on with regard to the model. The Schroeder, in these instances, did not produce the loose bass that you describe. To be fair, we were using Koetsu Urushi and Van den Hul Grasshopper so that adds yet another variable, in addition to the table.

I have not heard others express that bass response is a common ailment with the Schroeders. Anyone else find this an issue? It would seem that nearly all of us can find benefit in descriptions given without resorting to insulting and ridiculous analogies.
Hi 4yanx

Where did you get to hear the Schroeder on the SME. Was there a custom arm board used. How did you like it say compared to SME's own arm.

Yes, there was a custom board drilled. I like the SME arms, myself. Will contact you with further detail.
Hi 4yanx
Can you share what you heard with the arm shootout? A field report perhaps?
I didn’t listen to a Schroeder Model 2
I did a comparison between a Graham 2.0 de Luxe and a Schroeder Model 1.
The Schroeder Model 1 Arm Tube was specially made for the Takeda cartridge.
Table was a Basis Debut V vacuum with a replaceable Arm Board and both Arms were fitted with a Takeda Miyabi Alnico Cartridge.

Generally said, that Arm has no weak bass response, has a excellent soundstage and headroom and it’s presentation can be described as ‘ natural ‘. Personally I did like it very much.
The main difference between these two arm were in the high frequency area, I thought at that time, the Graham gives more information here, but based on limited time I didn’t check it out exactly. A friend, who owns these arms prefers the Schroeder but I still use the Graham.

Anyway, when you look for a good arm, that is one, you can adjust it in a wide range.
Set up is super simple, there are no secrets, I didn't hear any surface noise.
Thanks Thomas, you've been a great help.